I have lived in New Zealand, London, Germany, Dubai, the USA, and Russia. 

I live in Europe currently.


All my Black and White prints are archivally printed on fibre paper, gelatin silver, hypo cleared and selenium toned.

There are three exceptions to this - 

1. where the Black and White 'negative' is a digital file. I expressly state this. There are few of these - notably stitches - and are printed with my Epson 2100. 

2. where it is a colour print. This is printed on colour paper with my Epson 2100.

3. where I have digitally manipulated an image. I expressly state this. Digital Manipulation to me is where I have altered what originally was in the viewfinder - which to me is any change over and above contrast and lightness / darkness fine tuning.  

If you are interested in purchasing a print please email me at scott@scottyounger.com .


I am currently working on my book 'Wondering, Wandering' which will be released in late 2006. 

Selected Exhibitions

1985 Turners Arms, London
1989 Watermans Art Center, London
1994 Dubai International Art Center
1998 Galerie Langman, Wellington
1998 Odlins Gallery, Lower Hutt (Wide Angle Group)
1998 James Cook Centra, Wellington
1999 Odlins Gallery, Lower Hutt (Wide Angle Group)
1999 Photospace Gallery, Wellington
2000 Photospace Gallery, Wellington (Wide Angle Group)
2000 Photospace Gallery, Wellington
2000 Shadowcatcher Gallery, Auckland

2001 June and July, SkyCity, Auckland in association with Shadowcatcher

2001 August - Portrait Exhibition at the New Zealand Centre for Photography
2001 August - Published in New Zealand Centre for Photography Magazine
2001 November - Do Svidaniya - Photospace Gallery, Wellington 

2003 October - London Independant Photography Exhibition 


2001 June / September - 'From Go to Whoa' - New Zealand Centre for Photography Master Class - designer and lecturer of inaugural 4 day course for people interested in black and white fine art photography 


Private Collections in the U.K., France, Germany, U.S.A., Australia and New Zealand.


Winner, Dubai International Photographic Award 1994
Judge, Ronald Woolf Memorial Competition 1999.

Winner, The Spider Awards Still Life Category, 2004 


1987 - Inscape Magazine, London
1997 - NZ Journal of Photography - No 27 - Portfolio
2000 - September - Inscape Magazine, London.
2001 - NZ Journal of Photography - No 44 - Portfolio


1994 - Middle East Lecture Tour as Winner of Dubai International Competition
1999 - National College of Design and Technology
1999 - Karori Camera Club
2000 - Wellington Photographic Society
2000 - Massey University
2000 - September - Overland Club, Wellington

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